Celebration Of Appreciation

On January 18, 2019, the third Friday of the solar year, JD Development Group’s Celebration of Appreciation was successfully held at Casa Loma, the highland castle in Downtown, Toronto. JD Development Group gathered more than 200 people in the legendary castle, wishing everyone in 2019 with good fortune.

This meeting is the first annual event that JD Development Group has hosted in the past nine years. At the beginning of the meeting, the host made a simple and wonderful opening speech at the reception hall of the Wonderful Flower Garden.

Later, the guests moved to the banquet hall, and the host and co-workers of the meeting began a beautiful speech. Frank Zhang, from Scotia Bank, Sal Rabbani from BDC Bank and Richard Rotchtin from JD Partnership Rubinoff LLP took the stage. JD Development Group has been deeply cultivated for he past nine years. The risks and business opportunities coexist. JD uses their capabilities, experience, management and competitive advantages to accumulate in the development field, cooperating with other types of enterprises to develop future developments, seize opportunities, and obtain high-quality land at low prices. Excellent projects, expanding business, continuously winning support from the capital market, creating long-term growth in social value, and winning success stories for investors, buyers and tenants to create opportunities for wealth creation have won rounds of applause. The guests on the stage did not fear the hardships of JD nor did did they hesitate to pursue it. They relentlessly pursue themselves and are praised down the road to success.

At the annual meeting of celebration, JD Development Group shared the vivid story of the understanding of the team in the entrepreneurial run-in. It briefly described the development direction of the New Year JD is heading and summarized the successful experience of previous projects: First, pay attention to customer experiences. Business needs and service value are superimposed as strategic goals, providing quality services that meets demand. Second, partners who choose reasonable financing and investment, invest in key areas, and provide vitality for future developments. The third is to open a happy chest, accommodate talents, form a pattern and mechanism to protect the future, and the team grows together. Entrepreneur CEO, Julia Zhang, thanks each and every employee and partner who has grown with the company for their work, support and contribution to the company’s development over the years. The Crystal trophy was presented to honor the JD Group’s in-house public relations staff and interior designers. In order to activate the atmosphere, the host invited a high-level singer to sing for the annual meeting. In a warm atmosphere, the singing and applause made the JD Group Annual Meeting a great success.

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